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Cold water or hot water high-pressure cleaning – which is right for you?

Karcher Cold Water Pressure

Cold Water High-Pressure Cleaning

Cold water high-pressure washers clean effectively thanks to the high impact pressure they provide. Machines with high water flow also help to flush away dirt and rinse quickly. With cold water machines, the temperature has no influence on the cleaning action. For removing stubborn dirt like oil and grease, cleaning results can be improved by using detergents.

Key advantages of HD machines:

Lower cost
  • Less expensive to buy
  • No water heating costs
  • Low service and repair costs
Fewer components
  • More compact dimensions
  • Lower weight
  • Easier to transport and store
  • Simpler to service

Karcher Hot Water Pressure

Hot Water High-Pressure Cleaning

Hot water high-pressure washers increase the supplied water temperature to up to 80°C for general cleaning or up to 150°C for steam cleaning. This allows a reduction of the working pressure, cleaning time and the amount of detergent needed.

Key advantages of HDS machines:

Faster cleaning
  • Reduced labour cost
  • Shifting stubborn dirt easily
  • Shorter drying time
  • More effective dissolving of oil and grease
Improved results
  • Reduces likelihood of streaks
  • Fully dry objects attract new dirt less easily
  • Effective antibacterial action
Reduced need for detergents
  • Less-contaminated waste-water
More versatile
  • Can be used in cold, hot or steam mode
  • Variable temperature to suit the cleaning job
  • Eco!efficiency mode reduces heating oil consumption
Reduced impact pressure
  • Gentle to sensitive surfaces
  • Same cleaning effect at lower working pressure
  • Improved cleaning results at identical working pressure

Efficient high-pressure cleaning

Heat energy is an important factor in the cleaning process. The use of heat accelerates chemical processes; every 10 °C increase in temperature doubles the reaction speed. A 20 °C increase in temperature greatly increases the reaction speed. Oil, grease or soot are dislodged due to the heat and are easy to remove. The emulsion of oil and grease in water is accelerated. Finally, a heated surface dries faster. In practice, this means that higher water temperatures can reduce cleaning times by up to 40 % – with far better results.
HD HDS Cleaning power duration of cleaning 

Clear cost comparison

The cost of purchasing and maintaining a hot water pressure washer is generally higher due to the additional burner and related energy consumption. Using hot water offers a time saving of up to 40% with improved cleaning results. In addition, the HDS normally obviates the need for further detergent costs. Since labour costs can be a multiple of the purchase and operating costs over the total lifecycle of the high-pressure washer, the use of HDS is often the more economical solution, depending on the type of application.

Typical fields of application for HD:

HD – ideal for removing lightly adhering dirt and for cleaning large areas, e.g. dust, cement, moss and earth or protein-containing dirt.